My hair is oily, which shampoo should I choose?

Don’t panic, solutions exist to effectively combat excess sebum. Start by choosing a shampoo suited to the nature of your scalp. The Sensea range offers you the freshness and lightness shampoo which, thanks to its purifying properties, and its composition rich in organic lemon extract, eliminates the excess sebum and makes it disappear from the first washes.

Is there a solution for dry hair?

First things first, start by washing your dry hair only once a week. You have to choose an adequate shampoo and massage gently to enhance the penetration of the active ingredients. Rinse thoroughly and use a conditioner. The SENSEA range offers you the radiance and nutrition shampoo and conditioner based on ORGANIC Argan Oil, thanks to its recognized nourishing properties, ORGANIC Argan Oil deeply nourishes the hair from the first washes. Your hair is incredibly shiny and deeply nourished!

My hair is colored, how do I preserve the color? What treatment should I use?

After coloring, the hair is weakened and requires specified care to maintain the radiance of the color while preserving the quality of the hair. The SENSEA range offers you shine and protection shampoo and conditioner: with its new formula based on Vitamin E and containing an anti-UV filter, it takes care of colored or highlighted hair on a daily basis. Thanks to its reconstructive virtues, vitamin E repairs the hair fiber, and the UV filter protects it from the attacks of the sun. Your hair is shiny and your color is durably protected!

Why use a sulfate-free shampoo?

The sulfate has the advantage of lathering the shampoo and giving a clean feeling when rinsed off. We tend to think that the more a product foams, the more our hair is washed well. The presence of sulphate also makes the hair shiny and makes it appear healthy, in the short term only ... Because the mousse is often not a guarantee of cleanliness and even less of quality. In the long term, the sulfate weakens the scalp by reducing the hair's natural keratin. We can easily understand that by removing sulfate from our hair, we achieve a beauty and health gesture. The SENSEA range offers you the sulfate-free nutrition shampoo. Exclusive formula, the hair is more resistant, supple and silky, without greasy effect. They are adorned with incomparable shine!

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